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CIP Warehouse 2

Size: 35,625 Sq. Ft. | Dimensions: 285 ft x 125 ft
Side Wall Height: 30 – 50 Ft.
Clear Height: 30 – 50 Ft.

Availability: Available for Lease or Sale
Ability to Expand? Yes
Staging Area Size: 50 Acres
Dock Doors: Yes, x4 (20 ft x 18 ft)
Coordinates: 40.184809, -81.881819
Address: 47201 County Road 273, Conesville, OH 43811

Pat Ford
Business Development Director


CIP Warehouse 2 offers the potential for transloading opportunity with in place hoppers, conveyors, and systems for moving large bulk materials. The building has high ceilings, office space, utility infrastructure, and overhead cranes.

If equipment is not needed in building, the unusable structures can be demolished and large warehousing with high ceilings can be utilized.

This building was used for FGD material intake, gypsum dewatering, and limestone prepration (grinding limestone into liquid reagent) to manufacture synthetic gypsum. Two large limestone silos are within the building and are what give the building variable height.

Building is separated into two three large areas:
1) Limestone Prep Room: High ceilings, x2 rotating ball-mills, x2 large silos. Limestone was piped into ball-mill (rotating horizontal tumbler) that grinds limestone into small pieces. Both a 5-ton and 10-ton crane are present in this room of the building. Metal mezzanine levels are present on this floor, all of which can be kept or removed per the prospect demand. 

2) Vacuum Pump Room: Contains equipment, pumps, dock doors, stairwell access, fire suppression, and open, unobstructed access to mezzanine level above. This infrastructure can be gutted and left with shell to meet prospect needs.

3) Mezzanine Level: Various pipes with product travel through floor to mainfold with hoses that go under to channel that is under a vacumm. A vacumm sucks down on belt to remove water from reacted limestone to pump and dry synthetic gypsum, which is what came off belt at end of process. The finished gypsum fed off belt into a chute that gathered into a collection hopper that loaded into a conveyor that conveyed finished synthetic gypsum to outdoor storage.

Building drawings for utilities and floor layouts can be provided per prospect demand.



Parcels: 1-806.1, 1-806.2, 1-806.5

Zoning: Heavy Industrial

Topography: Level



Conveyors: Gathering belt halfway up from mezzanine level which transfers material/aggregate from hopper system to conveyor, to radial stacker outside for outdoor storage of material

Rail Access: Yes, Building situated next to on-site rail spur for transloading opportunity between truck and rail

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Road Access: Yes, Building situated along a concrete site haul road with immediate access to public roads. Significant area surrounding building for outside storage, parking, and material movement.

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Office Space


(x3) office spaces, x2 bathrooms. Drywall walls, space for cubicles, HVAC system, common area, 120V electric outlets, drop-ceiling



– Building sits atop a concrete slab (~8″ thick)
– Mezzanine concrete level (~8″ thick)
– Sheetmetal siding and roofing
– Steel framing in excellent condition


Transportation Logistics (Truck)

  • Non-Potable Water (Private): Raw process water used in FGD system came into this room (underground piping in place). Raw riverwater system replaced with deepwell (2,500 gpm) deep well pump that supplied well water to building operations.
    Firewater comes into building from other deep well pump system (not the same as the one for the gypsum dewatering) at end of parking lot. Header comes off near building and ties into header that is shut off that used to feed building. Firewater system throughout building in place.Service water lines throughout building for tapping hoses or other small uses
  • Wastewater Septic (Private): Bathrooms plumbed to sanitary package plants on site.
  • Wastewater (Private): Wastewater underground lines plumbed to chemical sump area right at building. Wastewater pumped back into influent flow in plant. Common floor drains, downspouts, etc went to runoff drains and back to pond behind plant.

Best option will be to bring public septic line to site and tie into main lines in building (9,000 ft away)

  • Low voltage power distribution equipment (208/120 V 42-circuit), panels, breakers, and wiring in place. Mid-voltage power distribution (277/480 V) panels, breakers, wiring, conduit, etc in place. Various panels and equipment in place to power equipment and infrastructure.
  • No electrical buses or control system in building currently to feed panels in building. New buses need to be added and higher voltage power source must be reconnected to building to re-power.
  • Natural Gas distribution line (3″) and transmission line (12″) proximate to building. Propane tanks available in area for heat/energy for prospects as an alternative to tapping a natural gas line.
  • Conesville has a lot of commercial fiber in and around the area. There is available fiber optic both above ground and buried.
  • AT&T has 100 pair fiber line running into plant along site access roads (100 ft away)
  • MCI Fiber (Verizon) has a telecommunications feed near substations (100 ft away)
  • Fiber optic stays on Northwestern side of County Road 273
    – 72 strand (buried) = ~72,000 phone lines
    – 48 strand (above ground) = ~48,000 phone lines
  • Abundant capacity and availability to lay new fiber optic per the demand of the customer.
  • HVAC – Electric heat supplied to building via electric HVAC system
    Compressed air – CA lines throughout building and compressor and tank
    Propane – propane lines throughout building. Area for propane tank/tap on outside of building
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  • Manufacturing

  • Transloading

  • Warehousing

  • Data Center


  • Conveyors/Hopper System
  • High Ceilings
  • Concrete mezzanine level storage/operations
  • Overhead cranes (1000 lb chainfall, 5 ton, 10 ton, 20 ton)
  • Dock Doors
  • Office Space
  • Ventilation fans
  • Bathrooms
  • HVAC system in place
  • Water and septic plumbing in place
  • Fire suppression system/sprinklers
  • Propane gas lines
  • Electric heaters
  • Filter belts/vacuum pumps in place
  • Elevator
  • Low-voltage power distribution (208/120 V)
  • Mid-voltage power distribution (277/480 V)
  • Air compressor, tank, and compressed air lines in place plumbed
  • Stairwells access to mezzanine floor and roof

Coshocton County

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