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Land Available

  • 2,500+ acres total site ownership
  • 500+ acres of pad-ready industrial property

Rail Access

  • Main rail line parallel with property
  • 200+ ft rail siding in place w/ switch

Utility Infrastructure

  • Large capacity utility infrastructure on site
  • Electric, natural gas, fiber, water, wastewater

Road & Truck Access

  • Close proximity to highways and interstates
  • Private, secured site access roads

Buildings Available

  • Warehouses and offices available for sale or lease
  • 5,000 – 50,000 + sq ft

Aggregate & Material

  • Large volumes of aggregate available
  • Equipment inventory including transformers, motors, pumps, etc available 

CIP Opportunities

Transloading Capability

Conesville Industrial Park has the necessary infrastructure to support transloading between rail and truck. With heavy duty truck scales and available material handling equipment on site, CIP is positioned to accommodate transportation requirements.


Can accommodate a footprint of over 500 contiguous acres


Distance to Columbus, OH


Labor shed within 50-mile radius

Conesville Industrial Park

At the crossroads of the value-added metals, petro-chemical, energy, and transportation/logistics economies.