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CIP utility infrastructure available to support heavy industry.

  • Will accommodate prospect demands 
  • Build to suit options available
  • Utility provider support with planned development
  • See utility information below.

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Power is provided to CIP from American Electric Power via a 138 and 345 kV transmission substation. This substation is regularly maintained and is protected by a large 16 ft tall fence. From the transmission substation are three feeds:

  • 138Kv Line to Auxiliary Transformers (backfeed).
  • 345Kv Line to Units 3,4, & 5 GSU.
  • 138Kv Line to Distribution Substation

The 138 kV line runs underground to the distribution substation (CIP owned) which feeds two 13.8 kV transformers. The existing distribution equipment includes 13.8Kv transformers, 4.160 kV transformers, 4160V panels, 480V panels, and Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS). The switch gear includes protective relaying, cubicles for 4160-volt supplies to 1000HP motors, and a mimic panel located in the switchgear room for each set of transformers. Approximately 40-50 transformers are available for sale or use on site ranging from 1 MVA to 900+ MVA. Any existing equipment and systems can be upgraded to accommodate prospect demands.

  • Power Provider – American Electric Power
  • Large megawatt power capabilities currently available on site 
  • 138 & 345 kV transmission substation on site (AEP owned)
  • 13.8 kV & 4.160 kV distribution power on site (CIP owned)
  • Switch gear, relays, bus work, and other equipment currently active 
  • 40+ Transformers available on site for use or sale (1 MVA – 900+ MVA)


Private, non-potable water is available to the site via two sources. The first are from three 2,500 gallon per minute deep wells on site which are currently operational and supply water to different systems throughout the site. The second is through the former river water intake system which pulled raw water from The Muskingham River. The screen house, intake tunnels, and equipment are in place and can be restarted and utilized to pull large volumes of river water up to 195,000 gallons per minute. A firewater suppression system is located throughout the site including a large firewater pump house with a main pump and a diesel backup pump. One of the two deep wells currently pumps well water to a water tower which holds pressure for the system. A private potable water treatment plant is available on site and can be restarted/salvaged if needed.

Public potable water is provided by the City of Coshocton. The nearest main city line is a 12” ductile iron line that terminates roughly 7,500 ft away. Currently the system has a capacity of 15,000,000+ GPD of which 11,700,000 gpd in excess capacity remains available. The state-of-the-art water treatment facility has a system in place that sends softened water to its customers. This public potable water line can be extended to the site to accommodate prospect demands and a proposal to do so has already been assembled. The Conesville/Coshocton area sits atop of one of the most abundant aquifers in the nation.

  • (X3) 2,500 GPM deep wells on site
  • 150,000+ GPM river water intake system in place
  • Existing water tower available on site
  • Proximate abundant public potable water supply (11,000,000 GPD capacity)
  • Existing fire water suppression system on site


A private septic treatment system is currently in place on site via two clean closed package plants. Each package plant can accommodate the volume equivalent to 300 employees totaling a site-wide system of 600+ employees. Underground septic lines run to various buildings throughout the site that had bathroom and sink accommodations. These facilities can be re-utilized for private needs or can be removed per the prospect demand.

A private wastewater treatment facility remains on site with significant water handling capacity. This facility has not been modified or demolished and has been inactive since September 2020. Facility can be inspected, tested, and restarted at the operating capacity required by the respective prospect.

For public sanitary/wastewater needs, the City of Coshocton can provide service via an existing 8” line with 3,000,000 gpd excess capacity. This line can be extended to the site and resized accordingly to accommodate prospect demands. The recent expansion in 2008 resulted in a complete renovation of the three trickling filters and installation of a new high strength Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD) removal system. The Wastewater Treatment Plant has a grit removal system, primary and secondary clarifiers, chlorine contact tank, dechlorination, primary and secondary anaerobic digesters, belt press and sludge holding facility.

  • 3,000,000+ GPD public wastewater treatment capacity
  • (x1) Privately owned wastewater treatment facility on site
  • (x2) clean closed sanitary sewer package plants available on site 

Natural Gas

Transmission gas at CIP is prominent with multiple transmission lines proximate to the site. Large transmission pipelines in the area range from 12” – 30”+ with millions of cubic feet of gas available. The closest supply to the site is a 12” steel pipeline that runs along the border of CIP. Metered, distribution gas is available 500 ft away from the site provided by Columbia Gas, the local LDC. CIP is in a gas-rich environment and any system improvements can be made to accommodate prospect demands.

  • Distribution gas available on site currently
  • Transmission gas available on site currently via 12” line
  • Multiple transmission gas providers in area 
  • FIRM gas can be provided 
  • Other industrial gas pipelines available in area

Fiber Optic/Telecomm

Conesville, OH has a large amount of commercial fiber in the area both above ground and buried. AT&T has 100 pair fiber line running into plant along site access roads (100 ft away). The fiber optic stays on Northwestern side of County Road 273 with 72 strand (buried) and 48 strand (above ground). MCI Fiber (Verizon) also has a telecommunications feed near substations (100 ft away). Other fiber optic providers are available in the area and are confident that data speed and connectivity will not be an issue at Conesville Industrial Park. There is also abundant capacity and availability to lay new fiber optic per the demand of the customer.

  • Existing fiber optic cabling at or near site entrances
  • Buried and above ground fiber optic available
  • Multiple providers near site
  • PRI trunks and SIP trunking available